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Introducing Our Document Review Center

July 20, 2010

Until three years ago, Theatre District Business Center offered the same traditional accommodations and amenities of most shared office environments . . . fully furnished office space, telephones, shared internet access, conference rooms, receptionist and secretarial services, etc.  However, a phone inquiry led to our making a very unique addition to our selection of services.

A local legal staffing agency was looking for an immediate short term space to house about 30 contract attorneys for a document review for a major law firm.  Until that point in time, even our corner boardroom fell short of those requirements.  But, as luck would have it, one of our tenants was leaving the state and vacating a space that we believed could serve the agency’s needs.

Within two weeks, we had the space set up and ready to welcome the agency and their attorneys, and provide the professional atmosphere they needed to accomplish their goals.  Within a relatively short time-frame, we marshaled our forces to coordinate desk space, computer rentals, phone service and expanded internet capacity.  What began as a six-week rental ended up extending to an 18-month commitment.   For all those months, this due diligence/meeting room space had been occupied and now it has been leased by a new tenant. 

Now, we have created a new space and are once again pleased to offer a flexible, convenient space for document reviews, training sessions and meetings of any kind.  It’s a great room . . . well lit, overlooking Dearborn Street, able to accommodate 24-26 people.  It is available by the day, week, month or longer.  Public transportation makes it convenient for most users and there are many restaurants, shops and services close by.

We’ve learned that flexibility is a major component of managing shared office space to meet the varied needs of our tenants and clients, and being able to offer this space affords us the opportunity to set our center apart and to expand our horizons to keep pace with the ever-changing economic climate.

If you would like to tour this space, please call 312.762.9200 or visit our website for rates for this and other meeting rooms,


Entrepreneurial Necessities

May 27, 2010


People embarking on new businesses adventures when traditional income streams dry up are called “necessity entrepreneurs”.  As you might imagine, the number of people turning into necessity entrepreneurs is increasing.  The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, a research project that tracks entrepreneurship, cites “necessity” as a factor for 24.7% of new U.S. ventures in 2009.  This is up from 16.3% in 2007. 

If you no longer have a traditional job and you possess dreams of owning your own business, now is a great time to give yourself that chance!  Use local resources to help you set up shop and get the support you need to achieve success. 

Court House Executive Offices in River North is the ideal workplace for an entrepreneur.  You will have your own private, furnished, affordable office for as little as $600 per month.  That price includes your telephone and high speed internet connection as well as a receptionist to answer your calls and a professional office manager.  In addition, the benefits of working among entrepreneurs who have followed the same path can be inspiring and educational.   

Connect with the Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center and check out their newly federally funded program The Cluster Acceleration Program (CAP).  CAP provides entrepreneurs with access to resources and relationships in key industries – including alternative energy, consumer products and services, information technology for the new media, as well as financial services and healthcare markets.

For the lighter side of business networking, attend a “High Speed Networking” event with Chicago’s Networking for Professionals branch.  Meet other business people looking to make connections in a casual, but fast paced environment.  They claim that with high speed networking you can make more new business contacts in one evening than most people will make in 6 months!

Sometimes life gives you an opportunity.  Sometimes you have to take a risk and try something new.  The economy will be back and stronger than ever eventually.  Put yourself in a position to make the most of it – try something you’ve always wanted to and become a successful entrepreneur!

A great deal at Court House Executive Offices

January 12, 2010

How much does something cost?  It is a simple question, but have you ever been frustrated in trying to get an answer?  Some businesses play games by offering promotional pricing that expires all too soon or by demanding mandatory fees for services you don’t even use.  At The Suites Collection, our prices are not promotional and there are no mandatory fees.  Far from it, we include a telephone and internet connection in every office.  That means your monthly rent includes everything you need to get your business started tomorrow!

At Court House Executive Offices, our professional staff members run an efficient environment and handle daily operations behind the scenes.  This leaves you free to concentrate on your own business.  With prices ranging from $600 a month for a one person office to $2,200 a month for a team of people,   we have something available for companies in any stage of growth.  Our current tenants believe we offer, “convenience” and “a great business environment”, so we invite you to check out our available suites – the prices are printed online – and contact us for a tour

Energize and Maximize

September 30, 2009

help wanted

Today concludes the third quarter of 2009 and The Dow Jones Industrial is up 15.3% for the period, on track for its best quarterly performance since 1998.  It’s fitting news for the last installment of our blog series on keeping on top of the economic wave.  While the climate improves, we should keep in mind that the result of this recovery will be a new economy unlike the one we enjoyed just one year ago. 

How will it be different?

1)      The consumer will place more emphasis on value.

2)      Labor markets will be volatile.

3)      The environmental & renewable-energy sector is a powerful new force.

Given the new realities, what choices can you make to better your position in your sector?  It is our business to be aware of issues facing independent and small business owners.  We find that being informed about our clients’ concerns makes it easier to build long lasting relationships and gain their trust.  Lately, we have taken our blog advice to heart and have delved into every area of our organization to find ways to energize new initiatives and maximize current realities.  We are going through a marketing blitz, reinforcing our assets and resurrecting stalled initiatives.  Our staff team goal is to not leave any stone unturned in our quest to better every area of our business.  We are excited to see what comes next and are glad that the news keeps getting better!

Marketing for the new economy

September 15, 2009

retail sales

Sales at U.S. retailers rose at their fastest pace in three-and-half years last month.  This was the biggest monthly advance since January 2006, according to the US Commerce Department.  Now that customers are opening their wallets again, smart business owners will be geared up.  This is our third blog on preparing for the recovery and each week the economic news has gotten better!  It’s now time to accumulate new customers as you stake your share of the expanding marketplace.

Hopefully, you’ve continued your usual advertising programs throughout the recession, but with cash flowing again a big marketing push is a smart idea.  Potential customers are making decisions about where they will spend and this opportunity may be the only positive aspect of the economic slump. 

There are two imperatives to selling your products and services in the new economy: presence on the internet and offering a good deal.  Even if your product isn’t sold from a website, shoppers will go online to get a sense of your company and to research their decision.  Make sure they can find you online and that your website gives a good impression.  Then, show them you are sensitive to their wounded wallets by offering something better than they will find elsewhere.  If lowering your prices or offering a temporary discount isn’t possible, convince your audience that you are giving them the best value for their hard earned money.  Be sure to let them know that your price is a considered factor, because even with a recovery at hand, the hard lesson we all learned was that we may suffer in the face of excess but we will all benefit from each others’ careful spending.