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Introducing Our Document Review Center

July 20, 2010

Until three years ago, Theatre District Business Center offered the same traditional accommodations and amenities of most shared office environments . . . fully furnished office space, telephones, shared internet access, conference rooms, receptionist and secretarial services, etc.  However, a phone inquiry led to our making a very unique addition to our selection of services.

A local legal staffing agency was looking for an immediate short term space to house about 30 contract attorneys for a document review for a major law firm.  Until that point in time, even our corner boardroom fell short of those requirements.  But, as luck would have it, one of our tenants was leaving the state and vacating a space that we believed could serve the agency’s needs.

Within two weeks, we had the space set up and ready to welcome the agency and their attorneys, and provide the professional atmosphere they needed to accomplish their goals.  Within a relatively short time-frame, we marshaled our forces to coordinate desk space, computer rentals, phone service and expanded internet capacity.  What began as a six-week rental ended up extending to an 18-month commitment.   For all those months, this due diligence/meeting room space had been occupied and now it has been leased by a new tenant. 

Now, we have created a new space and are once again pleased to offer a flexible, convenient space for document reviews, training sessions and meetings of any kind.  It’s a great room . . . well lit, overlooking Dearborn Street, able to accommodate 24-26 people.  It is available by the day, week, month or longer.  Public transportation makes it convenient for most users and there are many restaurants, shops and services close by.

We’ve learned that flexibility is a major component of managing shared office space to meet the varied needs of our tenants and clients, and being able to offer this space affords us the opportunity to set our center apart and to expand our horizons to keep pace with the ever-changing economic climate.

If you would like to tour this space, please call 312.762.9200 or visit our website for rates for this and other meeting rooms,


Our Doors Are Open to the Community

July 2, 2010

The Suites Collection has a wide variety of conferencing choices available at our three locations – Court House Executive Offices and Tree Studios in River North and Theatre District Business Center in Chicago’s North Loop.

Recently, Court House Executive Offices had the pleasure of working with The University of Chicago/School of Social Services Administration.  They required the use of several of our conference rooms and a number of furnished offices.  The flexibility of our business center made this very complicated process run smoothly for their interview sessions for Administration positions for the Chicago Public Schools.  Their intent was to put together a team of Education Professionals that could be integrated into a public school and help them redefine their current administrative operations for optimum success.  

The staff and tenants at Court House Executive Offices met some very talented and dedicated individuals over the two weeks that they were here.  We had the opportunity to speak with staff and candidates alike and share the excitement they had about their plans.  It brought all the recent news headlines about our public schools to the forefront for all of us.  We wish University of Chicago staff and all of their candidates the best of luck in their endeavors.

At each Center, we have a large board room that offers a flat screen TV for presentations and all meeting rooms have internet and conference calling capabilities.  If needed, there are a number of great restaurants in the areas that offer tasty catering options for meetings. One of the great advantages to these rooms is the wonderful experience our staff and tenants provide when we host outside groups.  Our spaces are convenient for long term due diligence teams, shorter term training seminars, formal board meetings and quick casual meetings. 


If you would like to be part of our community and reserve a conference room for a special meeting or for a training session you are hosting, please contact us at 312-994-2700. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Best of NeoCon 2010 Winner at Tree Studios

June 21, 2010

Wilkhahn, the noted and technologically innovative German furniture design company, recently opened its first Chicago office at Tree Studios.  With the architectural belief that “an alarming number of people live and work in buildings to which they do not relate at all, (and wonder) how harmonious, user-friendly products can be made in an alienated, inhuman environment,” they felt the history and thoughtful design of our business center was a good fit for them. 

Fast forward to the recent NeoCon 2010 in Chicago, where Wilkhahn entered its newest office product, ON®, and set an international benchmark for healthy office seating, winning the “Best of NeoCon” award honoring new commercial interiors products introduced to the contract furnishings industry during that show.   Five years of development combined with Wilkhahn’s four decades of expertise in dynamic seating, has produced ON®, a fluid combination of natural, 3-D movement – freedom to sit the way our bodies want & can. Ergonomists and healthcare experts are not the only ones to welcome this scientific research showing that, for the first time, an office chair encourages the natural, three-dimensional flexibility of the human body.

Over the past few months, ON has garnered several international awards and, now, at North America’s premier fair for commercial interiors, Wilkhahn’s new development won the top award in the “Best of NeoCon” competition. From the 326 products submitted, the judges gave ON a “Gold Award” in the “Ergonomic/Task” category and a “Silver Award” in the “Seating/Conference” category.  Then followed with the most coveted prize of all categories: ON scooped the “Best of Competition” award as NeoCon 2010’s top product.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate one of our newest tenants, Wilkhahn, on this exceptional achievement.  For more information or a presentation of this award winning chair and the remainder of their line, contact Samuel Gowland of Wilkhahn at 312.896.3446 or

We’ll take care of your office while you take care of your business

November 5, 2009


Court House Executive Offices provides private suites and meeting rooms for entrepreneurs.  Our tenants enjoy shared amenities and a congenial atmosphere surrounded by like minded business professionals.  Beginning today, our new blog series will examine the ways that Court House Executive Offices (“CHEO”) empowers companies to succeed in this economy –  with flexibility, efficiency and affordability. 

Because we are independently owned and managed, we can be flexible when responding to your specific business needs.  If the time comes change  your staffing, technology or space considerations, we will work with you to find the perfect solution.  Joanna Greene of the Chicago Workforce Investment Council, our tenant since 2003, says, “The best part is the flexibility we have to expand our space (when business is going well) or reduce it when we need to.  We also convene many meetings, so having access to all types and sizes of conference rooms has been very valuable.”  Indeed, the well appointed facilities at CHEO can accommodate a wide range of meetings from personnel interviews to court depositions to training programs.

We’d like to share more with you about the benefits of bringing your business to us.  Please call us at 312-994-2700 to schedule a tour today!


Are you ready to stop working from home?

August 11, 2009

crowded house

Working in your living space can be burdensome on your family and your business.   Certain aspects of the arrangement that appeal to you at first may not seem so beneficial once the interruptions and expenses add up.  Personal matters can become a distraction.   Cost savings disappear when equipment fails.  You may not have appropriate meeting space for clients.  Maintaining the efficiency of a home office can drain your resources.   Don’t let the value of your business suffer because you are not in the right place to get the job done.

Furnished offices in a professional atmosphere are move-in ready at The Suites Collection.  If you are weighing the decision to leave your home office for a new one, arrange a tour for any or all of our three convenient business centers.  Rents start at under $1000 per month.  Your furniture, telephone and high speed internet connection are included in your rent.    Our centers are equipped with conference rooms, copier, fax and secretarial support.   We have a wide variety of office sizes and layouts to suit your style and our experienced staff will work with you to select the right one.  If your office needs change in the future, you can transition to another one with minimal disruption. 

Studio 7

model law office

If you do plan to continue working from a home, The Suites Collection offers another service that can enhance your business.   Our virtual office program will allow you to have a prestigious mailing address and personalized telephone reception with 24/7 access to voice mail.  Our flexible office program offers part time use of an office for when you need focused time to prepare for a meeting or require privacy with a client.   Meeting and conference rooms that hold up to 20 people are available for half or full day rental and are located close to public transportation and parking.

For more insight on the ways individuals and businesses make the most of shared office environments, see these recent articles from Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.  Or, for a fun international perspective, read how the Germans are also enjoying the benefits!

Time management

July 31, 2009


The Suites Collection’s business centers are located in River North and the North Loop, two of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods for dining, theatre and shopping.  Tourists are ubiquitous in these areas.  On sidewalks, they pause for sightseeing or stop to get their bearings.  Because they are operating on leisure time, their casual gait sets a conflicting pace with business people rushing by.   The contrast reveals how the choices we make every day determine the speed in which we live out our lives.

“Time is money.” – Benjamin Franklin

When you are running your own business, effective time management is crucial.  Not only will it make you more productive, but it will allay burn out from impeding your success, happiness and health.  The expectation that we will multi-task from anywhere has removed boundaries that used to shelter our leisure time for ourselves. 

A balanced approach to time management incorporates goal setting, prioritization, managing interruptions, avoiding procrastination and effective scheduling.  How do you feel about your time management skills?  Take this test at to identify areas for improvement. 

Another resource, RescueTime, is a web-based analytics tool for professionals who want to be more productive.  Signing up is free and you’ll be up and running in a minute or two.  RescueTime appears as a dashboard on your computer that monitors the applications and websites you use.  This real-time feedback allows you to make immediate decisions to increase your productivity. 


Other improvements may take longer.  The pursuit of effective time management can be life long.  You won’t always handle everything perfectly, but identifying your personalized strategy and employing it to the best of your ability will improve your business and your life.

Start up support

July 2, 2009

support key

Looking for ways to expand or enhance your business acumen? There are plenty of options for support and advice from companies whose business it is to keep you in business. Continuing your education is a great idea. Even if your schedule is busy, you can always find quick tips in magazines, online and by reaching out into your local community.

Reading a magazine is a refreshing way to discover information without having to be in front of a computer screen.  While on the train or waiting at an airport, pick up a copy of Inc. Magazine, “The Magazine for Growing Companies”.  Also referred to as “The Small Business Bible”, Inc. Magazine uses real life examples of business strategies, case studies, successes and failures to highlight real world solutions. The current issue features Paul Graham whose company, Y Combinator, is a hybrid venture capital fund and business school that funds and advises early-stage businesses.  Another article captures and compares the inner workings at Google and Microsoft. is an online business owners toolkit offering “total know how” for small businesses.  We’ve recommended this site in previous blogs, but they’ve revamped and improved their site recently which makes it even better.  News stories and links direct you to the latest developments affecting small businesses.  The 200 free business documents, templates, checklists and official government forms make it easy for you to access those items from one place.


Your nearby college or university can also be a great resource.  Business and economics departments often conduct public outreach.  In Chicago, DePaul University’s Entrepreneurship Program at the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center offers consulting services, educational programs and resources for students and entrepreneurs throughout the city in the various stages of what they term the “Entrepreneurial Quest®”.

And if you want a good laugh to relieve you after your studies, read “Every Piece of Start Up Advice Is a Lie Including Mine” , an enlightening blog entry from one of Y Combinator’s participant entrepreneurs, Tony Right. 


May 29, 2009
New Document Review Room at Theatre Districe Business Center

New Document Review Room at Theatre District Business Center

If you are experiencing a bit of “down time” right now, you can still find ways to save or make money.  Grow your business by applying innovative strategies to develop core areas like staffing, technology and marketing.  We are taking our own advice at The Suites Collection this year and are keeping busy while instituting improvements to virtually every area of our company. 

42" Panasonic HDTVs are now located in each center.

42" Panasonic HDTVs are now located in each center.

Offering new technology and upgrading our facilities is an important way we demonstrate our commitment to our tenants’ work environment.  42” HDTVs, new office furniture and personalized artwork have been installed at each location.  Recent renovations at Theater District Business Center include new wall paper, paint and carpet and a document review room a capacity of 36.  The spacious fully furnished work space expands our ability to serve attorneys working nearby at Daley Center, State of Illinois Building, City Hall, the County Buildings and Chicago Title & Trust Center as they provide due diligence services for their clients.

Employing experienced administrative professionals has always been a core component of our business model.  We recently increased the continuity of service in these crucial positions by training all staff in the unique procedures at each location.  Because all employees are now able to accommodate particular services at each center, we can provide our tenants seamless support while strengthening our own internal flexibility.

Our "chicagooffices" profile on

Our "chicagooffices" profile on

Refreshing our marketing campaign this year has meant expansion into new avenues, such as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and as well as reliable “old school” forms of advertising like installing new exterior signage on each center’s building.  Whether prospects are at home or in our busy neighborhoods, we want to make sure we’re reaching those potential clients. 

We all want our businesses to succeed no matter what outside factors determine.  When the climate improves, we want to be ready and not need to waste time catching up.  It feels good to take stock and give yourself a pat on the back after a job well done.  This especially counts if the job was completed during difficult circumstances.  If you’ve been working hard this year and are feeling proud, maybe it’s time to take that next step and secure an office of your own.  We also encourage you to seek some well-deserved recognition by entering the contest for Entrepreneur Magazine’s “2009 Entrepreneur of the Year Award” contest.  Good luck!

Short term solutions

May 22, 2009


Even if right now isn’t the best time to make a long term commitment, you can still position your company wisely in anticipation of future successes. We all look forward to the day that this economy settles down. Until then, you should secure short term solutions for your business. Who doesn’t want flexibility and convenience? Working with The Suites Collection business centers will get you both. We offer three great solutions to protect your business now and provide for it in the future.

Choose from the following packages to fit your needs:

Start-Up Special

  • Private full time office for your new enterprise or your company’s first foray into the Chicago market.
  • Choose from several fully furnished all priced under $1000 per month.
  • Telephone, voice mail and high speed internet connection included.
  • Professional Administrative staff on site to support you.
  • Offices are move-in ready so schedule a tour today and be in business tomorrow.

Flexible Office

  • Ideal for mobile professionals who can work anywhere but occasionally need privacy and security.
  • For $300 a month you receive up to 16 hours of private meeting or office space in our center. 
  • Includes high speed internet and flexible accessibility anytime Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm.
  • Additional onsite services include use of copier, fax and secretarial support. 
  • Mail and delivery receipt is also available. 
  • Takes only 24 hours to get started.  Arrangements can be made via telephone, email or in person.

Corporate Identity & Virtual Office

  • “Locate” your business at one of our centers for $200 a month.
  • Perfect for the home based professional or any company desiring a Chicago presence.
  • You are provided with our prestigious business address, dedicated phone number and voicemail.
  • A receptionist will answer your calls using your business name.
  • 24 hour voice mail access, mail receipt and building signage, if desired. 
  • For client meetings, you can rent our conference rooms as needed.
  • Takes only 24 hours to get started.  Arrangements can be made via telephone, email or in person. 
  • earth

We offer flexible terms and a range of spaces to accommodate your changing priorities. Maybe you will start with a virtual office and allow your business to grow enough to require dedicated space. Or maybe life decisions take you out of town but you still want to connect with Chicago clients using our meeting spaces. The Suites Collection staff members are able to build long lasting relationships with our tenants because we support them where they are today, and then meet their needs for the future. We are rooting for your success, in the short and long term. Contact us so we can tell you more. Find out which plan works best for you today.

Address your business

March 26, 2009


As access to the internet via laptops and cell phones becomes increasingly prevalent, we are now free to conduct our business from almost any location.  Mobility definitely has perks that increase flexibility and decrease the cost of traditional office expenses.  Yet, even with so much of our communication existing in cyber space, we should not escape the opportunity to build trust by giving clients a legitimate business address, phone number and a comfortable place to talk face-to-face.

The Suites Collection offers telecommuters a great way to establish a corporate identity by providing virtual offices at our three business centers.  For $200 a month, a virtual office gives you a prestigious address and 312 area-code phone number.  Your calls will be answered with your company name and forwarded to voice mail, which you will have access to 24 hours a day.  Mail and packages will be received for you during normal business hours and when the time comes to meet in person with clients or prospects, you can arrange for use of any of our conference facilities.  Establishing a virtual office with us also gives you access to our copy center, fax machine, scanner and administrative personnel.

When your office is mobile, the conferencing and meeting facilities at The Suites Collection are the perfect place to conduct professional meetings and give presentations.  All our rooms come furnished and equipped specifically to make your meetings as productive as possible.   Whether it’s an intimate small group discussion or an executive level conference in our rotunda board room, we can accommodate a range of meeting styles.


Click below to contact us for information on how to have one of our classic Chicago addresses on your business card.  As your company grows you may eventually require dedicated private office space, and as a virtual office client, we will be able to give you priority for our best available offices.  Let The Suites Collection be your corporate headquarters and support system.   We’ll handle things while you’re away!

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