Spring cleaning for your small business

Here in Chicago, spring is in the air.  The increasing sunshine and warmth are happy reminders of the growth we’ll soon see in flowers and Trees.   The courtyard at Tree Studios is looking particularly promising right now.  For small business owners, this time of year signifies a few challenges, too.  Taxes are nearly due, New Year’s resolutions have been forgotten and piles of paperwork likely need to be shed (or shred!).   Kick start your own growth season with some spring cleaning; it’s a great time to eliminate the unnecessary clutter and institute good practices for your small business.

To ready yourself for tax season, visit the IRS’ small business and self employed tax center and participate in a quick virtual workshop.  Even if you have an accountant, you need to be apprised of the process and the government’s expectations for you as a business owner.  There are also good guidelines for record retention.  Paperwork that should be retained can be scanned and converted to electronic form so the paper can still be put in to the recycling bin.   

Are you making regular back ups of your important electronic files?  The process can be quick and easy with a small flash drive or more comprehensive with an external hard drive.  Specialized back up software is another option.  Whatever you decide, pick a regular back up schedule and put it on your calendar.

Another way to renew your business momentum is by reaping the benefits that come with a great office location and efficient work environment.  Contact The Suites Collection for a tour of our three outstanding office centers and let us handle your administrative concerns while you focus on building your company.


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