A Canadian firm recently paid $1.68 million to charity for one lunch with Warren Buffet.  Their CEO cited the value of Buffet’s “wisdom and experience” as the reason they would spend so much money on one meal.  Whose opinions and advice would you pay for?  Is there someone in your life whose advice has value beyond measure but they give it to you for free?  When you are starting or leading a small business, engaging in dialogue with a personal hero is important.  Maintain an open dialogue with a mentor and it will make your business, and your life, better.

Often you will meet a mentor during the natural course of your professional life.  It could be a former boss or someone you know personally.  “At Their Knee” in Inc.com is an interesting article with interviews of successful business owners who were lucky enough to encounter great entrepreneurs in their early careers.  They credit the advice distilled to them from these mentors with their current success.  What’s striking is the way the mentees can recall the one or two snippets of advice that continue to drive their business decisions today.

If necessary, you can deliberately seek out and find a person with whom you can create this particular bond.  SCORE will put you in touch with an expert to answer specific questions that you have within 48 hours.  Another option would be to join a local business alliance.  One of the many unique benefits of working in a shared office environment like The Suites Collection is the networking potential.  Your adjacency to other entrepreneurs and business owners opens up the opportunity for mentorships to occur.   Even if the particulars of your business are distinctive, hearing about lessons learned by others in common situations can help you save time by not reinventing the wheel. 

We all need inspiration and encouragement.  Who are your real life heroes?  Remember to value your time with them and look forward to a day you can hopefully pass on your hard won wisdom and experiences to a younger generation.



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