New Document Review Room at Theatre Districe Business Center

New Document Review Room at Theatre District Business Center

If you are experiencing a bit of “down time” right now, you can still find ways to save or make money.  Grow your business by applying innovative strategies to develop core areas like staffing, technology and marketing.  We are taking our own advice at The Suites Collection this year and are keeping busy while instituting improvements to virtually every area of our company. 

42" Panasonic HDTVs are now located in each center.

42" Panasonic HDTVs are now located in each center.

Offering new technology and upgrading our facilities is an important way we demonstrate our commitment to our tenants’ work environment.  42” HDTVs, new office furniture and personalized artwork have been installed at each location.  Recent renovations at Theater District Business Center include new wall paper, paint and carpet and a document review room a capacity of 36.  The spacious fully furnished work space expands our ability to serve attorneys working nearby at Daley Center, State of Illinois Building, City Hall, the County Buildings and Chicago Title & Trust Center as they provide due diligence services for their clients.

Employing experienced administrative professionals has always been a core component of our business model.  We recently increased the continuity of service in these crucial positions by training all staff in the unique procedures at each location.  Because all employees are now able to accommodate particular services at each center, we can provide our tenants seamless support while strengthening our own internal flexibility.

Our "chicagooffices" profile on

Our "chicagooffices" profile on

Refreshing our marketing campaign this year has meant expansion into new avenues, such as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and as well as reliable “old school” forms of advertising like installing new exterior signage on each center’s building.  Whether prospects are at home or in our busy neighborhoods, we want to make sure we’re reaching those potential clients. 

We all want our businesses to succeed no matter what outside factors determine.  When the climate improves, we want to be ready and not need to waste time catching up.  It feels good to take stock and give yourself a pat on the back after a job well done.  This especially counts if the job was completed during difficult circumstances.  If you’ve been working hard this year and are feeling proud, maybe it’s time to take that next step and secure an office of your own.  We also encourage you to seek some well-deserved recognition by entering the contest for Entrepreneur Magazine’s “2009 Entrepreneur of the Year Award” contest.  Good luck!


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