Mitigate your risk


Every day we make choices that propel us towards a dream or keep us standing still.  The path that leads us to that dream may be treacherous at times because taking risks can feel daunting.  Mitigate your risks by locating your office in an executive business center to save time and money.  If you have an independent start up, an established business with shifting needs or are looking for a great satellite location, The Suites Collection will provide you with extraordinary value.

In our industry, you will find business models ranging from “big box” office centers run by global conglomerates to independent operations with local owners, like us.  Fifteen years ago, Lee Dickson created one of the first ever independent executive suites operations in Chicago and she continues to lead our business today.  With three centers in River North and the North Loop, The Suites Collection is large enough to accommodate any office scenario you may require, but also small enough to give you personalized service and attention from our experienced staff of professionals.

If you are handling all of the day to day matters that come with running an office, this will take time away from your clients.  When circumstances change and you need to adjust, being locked in to long term commitments means you won’t be able to fit the new flexible model for success in this economy.  Our office centers can accommodate you as your space needs change throughout the year.  If you have a consultant in for a day, one of our conference rooms can be arranged.  If you schedule a working lunch hour with a client, we can handle the logistics for your meeting. 


Limiting your risks is a cornerstone of our business.   Our office environments are friendly and flexible and your arrangements with us can be as fluid as you need them to be.  Achieve your dreams without having to take a big leap.  Now is the right time!  Contact us for a tour of any of our offices.  We will start working for you today.

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