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Mitigate your risk

April 17, 2009


Every day we make choices that propel us towards a dream or keep us standing still.  The path that leads us to that dream may be treacherous at times because taking risks can feel daunting.  Mitigate your risks by locating your office in an executive business center to save time and money.  If you have an independent start up, an established business with shifting needs or are looking for a great satellite location, The Suites Collection will provide you with extraordinary value.

In our industry, you will find business models ranging from “big box” office centers run by global conglomerates to independent operations with local owners, like us.  Fifteen years ago, Lee Dickson created one of the first ever independent executive suites operations in Chicago and she continues to lead our business today.  With three centers in River North and the North Loop, The Suites Collection is large enough to accommodate any office scenario you may require, but also small enough to give you personalized service and attention from our experienced staff of professionals.

If you are handling all of the day to day matters that come with running an office, this will take time away from your clients.  When circumstances change and you need to adjust, being locked in to long term commitments means you won’t be able to fit the new flexible model for success in this economy.  Our office centers can accommodate you as your space needs change throughout the year.  If you have a consultant in for a day, one of our conference rooms can be arranged.  If you schedule a working lunch hour with a client, we can handle the logistics for your meeting. 


Limiting your risks is a cornerstone of our business.   Our office environments are friendly and flexible and your arrangements with us can be as fluid as you need them to be.  Achieve your dreams without having to take a big leap.  Now is the right time!  Contact us for a tour of any of our offices.  We will start working for you today.

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Do social media sites deliver for business?

April 10, 2009


Current marketing buzz is all about “social media”.   Everyone touts the explosive popularity of websites like Twitter and Facebook as the next big way for small businesses to connect with customers.  Is this true or is it just hype created by self-described “social mavens” who want us to hire them for expensive consultation gigs?  In a contracting economy, experts agree you should increase marketing efforts and pursue all opportunities for visibility, but what can you do to turn the “followers” and “fans” on networking sites into paying customers? 

Unfortunately, there is not one clear answer to that question.  We do know that once your business joins a social media site, making continual updates is mandatory.  With all the work you do to attract online visitors, once they get to your page they’d better not find it “stale” or else they’ll click away and on to something else that will hold their attention.  “Fans” on Facebook and “followers” on Twitter need to feel like there is someone on the other side of the screen.  That’s how they’ll make that social connection with your brand and that’s how, hopefully, you’ll start making deals.


The first time you hear about a new website or a development in technology, you are often made to feel like you are already behind the times.  That is not necessarily true.  Each small business grows at it’s own pace and when you are ready for the next step; you will know.  Daily demands from current customers consume time and energy.  The majority of small businesses can’t afford to keep a marketing person or a computer programmer on staff.   When you are doing it all, you can’t do it all at once.

During the past year at The Suites Collection, we’ve managed to optimize our website for search engines, develop pay per click campaigns, generate this blog and post regularly on Craigslist.  We now know those initiatives simply laid the foundation for a basic internet marketing strategy.  Sometimes we wonder what happened to the old marketing “necessities” (Is anyone still using AOL?  Even MySpace is fading!), but gazing wistfully backwards is just not helpful.  Moving forward is the only way to stay relevant in this ever changing marketing environment. 

We will continue to blog about how The Suites Collection is expanding its online marketing strategy to include social media.   We’d love to hear about your endeavors and what you’ve experienced.  And if you haven’t yet tackled these new opportunities because you don’t know how to begin, here’s a fundamental guide to getting started on Twitter.