Workplace flexibility


Certain sectors in our business community are evolving to become more and more virtual.  As this happens, the convenience of having a full time office with dedicated work space may no longer be cost effective.  If you telecommute, partnering with a professional office that will allow you to use their facilities and resources on an “as needed” basis can add tremendous value to your corporate image.

Securing flexible work space increases your ability to offer a full range of services to your clients.  Meeting at coffee shops or conducting conference calls at copy centers is distracting and unprofessional.  Especially if privacy is a concern for your clients, discussing their business in public is improper. 

Office business centers were created to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who want dedicated space and appreciate the value of shared services.  Now we are adapting our focus to meet the expanding needs of today’s mobile professional. 


Located at the corner of Randolph and Dearborn, Theatre District Business Center is in a professionally appointed building near all CTA lines and public parking.   Directly across the street from Daley Plaza, the State of Illinois Building, City Hall, the County Buildings and Chicago Title & Trust, the center is extremely convenient for work associated with the courts or government.  Anyone who engages in business in the loop will enjoy its close proximity to the great restaurants and entertainment found within Chicago’s central business district.

We offer up to 16 hours a month of private meeting or office space for $300.  Your workspace will include high speed internet and it can be accessed anytime Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm. Use a private office for meeting preparation or to connect with clients when you are between downtown appointments.  Additional onsite services include use of copier, fax and secretarial support.  Mail and delivery receipt is also available.  Training and board rooms, which hold up to 50 people, are ideal for presentations or company wide meetings.   These can be scheduled for an additional hourly rate.


Call Ellen Sadler at 312-762-9200 to set up a tour of your new office today!

Learn more about Theatre District Business Center.



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