Entreprenurial Qualities

Starting your own business is a dream many people have but few pursue.  The vision of being your own boss and reaping direct financial rewards from your own hard work can be very appealing.  Having a great concept or brilliant innovation will certainly open doors for your endeavor, but it’s the person behind the business that will ultimately direct its success or failure.

Though there is no litmus test for a successful business owner, many thriving entrepreneurs share similar personality qualities which indicate a better chance for survival in the daunting realm of self employment.  If you have decided to work for yourself, consider your personality type to realize strengths in the areas that research has proven will help you.  Conversely, try to face those areas in which you have weaknesses and commit to improving upon them so that you can make the best of your situation.

Many of the traits associated with successful entrepreneurs are exemplified by people who exhibit self-confidence and self-reliance.  A confident person is a visionary who is courageous, idealisic, passionate and innovative.  The confident person takes risks and adapts with flexibility and resourcefulness when things don’t go as planned.  Someone with self-reliance is independent and dedicated.  They are willing to sacrifice creature comforts and are committed to their vision, not quitting until they feel satisfied with the results.

Taking an online quiz is an interesting exercise and can jump start your own entrepreneurial self-evaluation. No test is a certain indicator of who you truly are or predictor of what you will become, but Monster.com has several types of interactive examinations and SCORE has a good start up quiz.

If you have recently decided to become self-employed or if you are already on the journey but feeling the strains of self-sufficiency, know that there are resources in the market to support your business endeavors while still respecting your autonomy. Office Business Centers like The Suites Collection offer you a private furnished workspace with internet and phone. We also have onsite staff to provide you administrative support. Contact us today for a tour and find the right place to begin or expand your dreams.


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