The Virtual Office – what they are & why you may need one


Remember the recent article in the Chicago Tribune reporting a single building in the Cayman Islands that serves as a business address for more than 18,000 companies? 

How is that possible?  They’re Virtual Offices!

Virtual Offices offer your company a desirable address and valuable support services.  In the Caymans it equals tax-breaks.  In Chicago, it signifies prestige.  Established businesses can afford lucrative properties to impress their clients with “location, location, location”.  For a small monthly fee, yours can too.

Having a Virtual Office means the address you list on marketing materials, business cards and your website is actually a location other than where you work.  Instead of asking clients to send payments to your apartment, you give them 60 W. Randolph, Suite 200, the unique north loop office building across from Daley Plaza. Once mail arrives at your Virtual Office location, it can be sent on to your home address or you may want to stop in and pick it up. Your choice. 

Receptionists enhance the prestige of your Virtual Office.  Calls to your business number are answered professionally and forwarded to your private voice mail box for your twenty four hour access.  You decide how you want your phone answered and you retrieve your messages at any time.  The receptionist will also accept packages delivered to your business.  This affords ease of mind when you are traveling or making sales calls.

For important meetings or presentations, your Virtual Office includes easy access to well-appointed conference facilities.  At The Suites Collection, you may select a conference room from any of our locations in downtown Chicago and River North.  Through our business center partnerships we can arrange for conference rooms throughout the United States and the around the world. 

Working from home can conserve costs, but with a Virtual Office you won’t have to forgo important services and corporate identity.  When you reach your goals and your business needs outstrip your domestic resources, you can arrange for a physical office at the address your clients have come to know.


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