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Why Choose Shared Offices? #3: Savings

June 24, 2008

In a typical small business office, 40 percent of the business owner’s time is spent handling administrative tasks like setting up office equipment and troubleshooting technical problems. Funding payroll expenses and acquiring communication services can consume a substantial portion of a budget.

At The Suites Collection, we will take care of those things for you.

When you move in to your office you will be able to start working on day one. There will be a phone on your desk with your own direct line. If you already have an existing number that you want to continue using, no problem. Any unique technical requirements that you may have can be taken care of by our office manager or a member of our IT team.

If the copier jams it is our responsibility to get it repaired. If it’s down and you need something right away, one of our staff members will take it off site and have it copied for you. You will not have to stop working to answer the door, accept a package or replace the toner in the fax machine. As your support staff we do that for you. If one of us is sick or on vacation, we will make sure there is a replacement for that person in place every day.

We know that you have a lot on your mind and want to be able to focus on your business. Since we are also a small independent business operation, we know how much every second and every dollar matter to your bottom line. Call us today and see how we can save you time and money.

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Why Choose Shared Offices? #2: Networking

June 17, 2008

Business centers offer you a private office in addition to shared common areas.   Common areas usually include the break room, reception area, mail and copy center.   Having other small business owners around can be tangibly beneficial – they might employ your services (or vice versa).   You may have a web designer, attorney, financial adviser and marketing consultant all sharing one hallway.  This proximity has helped many companies develop long lasting business affiliations within our centers.

Our tenants also tell us they benefit from the social aspects of working in a shared office.  It is rewarding to make connections with like-minded professionals.  Having the opportunity to step away from the demands of work every once in a while to engage in conversation, attend a birthday party or go out with others after work is an option someone working at home doesn’t have. 

Encouraging the cultural dynamic in our centers is important to The Suites Collection team.  We intentionally promote an atmosphere of professionalism and productivity.  We enjoy hosting networking events throughout the year, including luncheons, lectures & after work parties.  


Why Choose Shared Offices? Reason #1: Legality

June 10, 2008

Chicago City Hall

The City of Chicago Municipal Code mandates that no business activity may take place without obtaining the required license. 


Part of the License application requires zoning approval and proper zoning contributes to your ability to acquire comprehensive insurance. 


Many types of businesses cannot be operated out of your home.


Since all of our locations are within properly zoned districts, having an office with The Suites Collection minimizes these 3 inter-connected layers of concern: licensing, zoning, and insurance. 


Our Suites Collection team members are knowledgeable about a range of issues confronting start-up businesses.  We are happy to help point you in the right direction.  In fact, here are a few “pointers” right now to get you started: 


Link to City of Chicago Business License Information Form 

 Link to City of Chicago Licensing Department



Link to City of Chicago Zoning Department



 Chicago City Hall



Why We Love Our Buildings

June 3, 2008


This is the Court House Executive Office building more than 100 years ago.  Constructed just after the Chicago Fire of 1871, it was called “The Grand Palace Hotel”.  Located at the corner of Clark & Grand, 101 W. Grand, Maggiano’s Little Italy now occupies the ground and lower levels and our business center is right above it on the second and third floors. 

Tree Studios Courtyard

Picured above is the interior courtyard at Tree Studios, our center for creative arts at 4 E. Ohio.  Tree Studios was listed on the world monument fund’s 100 most endangered sites around the globe.  Commissioned in 1894 by art enthusiasts Judge Lambert Tree and his wife, Anna, the building was designed to entice the international artists from the World’s Columbian Exposition to remain in Chicago.  Follow the link below to the Chicago Landmark’s page on Tree Studios.

Theater District Business Center is located on the second floor of the Goodman Theater Building at 60 W. Randolph.  It’s right above Petterino’s and the Corner Bakery Cafe.  A great feature of this building is the light show at night.


The spectacular light show, The Goodman Theatre and the North Loop Theatre District and immediate adjacency to the courts at Daley Center, State of Illinois Building and City Hall make it a unique downtown office location. 

We love working in these historically significant buildings.  Chicago has such a rich architectural heritage; it’s great to be able to enjoy a piece of it every day.  Visit our Flickr site to see more photos of The Suites Collection offices, buildings and neighborhoods.